Highlights of Enhancements in SAS/STAT 9.22

Some users might be unfamiliar with updates made in SAS/STAT 9.22. The following are some of the major enhancements that were introduced in SAS/STAT 9.22:

  • The experimental SURVEYPHREG procedure performs regression analysis based on the Cox proportional hazards model for sample survey data. The procedure provides design-based variance estimates, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests concerning the parameters and model effects.

  • The PLM procedure takes model results that are stored from SAS/STAT linear modeling procedures and performs additional postfitting inferences without your having to repeat your original analysis. The PLM procedure can perform tasks such as testing hypotheses, computing confidence intervals, producing prediction plots, and scoring new data sets by using familiar statements such as the ESTIMATE, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE, and SLICE statements.

  • The EFFECT statement is now available in the GLIMMIX, GLMSELECT, HPMIXED, ORTHOREG, PHREG, PLS, QUANTREG, ROBUSTREG, SURVEYLOGISTIC, and SURVEYREG procedures. This statement enables you to construct a much richer family of linear models than you can traditionally define with the CLASS statement. Effect types include splines for semiparametric modeling, multimember effects for situations in which measurements can belong to more than one class, lag effects, and polynomials.

  • Exact Poisson regression is now available with the GENMOD procedure.

  • The MCMC procedure can create samples from the posterior predictive distribution.

  • The zero-inflated negative binomial model is now available with the GENMOD procedure.

  • The HPMIXED procedure is now production.

  • The CALIS procedure has been completely revised and includes enhancements that were formerly available in the experimental TCALIS procedure.