Highlights of Enhancements

The following are the highlights of the enhancements in SAS/STAT 9.3:

  • The EFFECT statement is now production. This statement is available in the HPMIXED, GLIMMIX, GLMSELECT, LOGISTIC, ORTHOREG, PHREG, PLS, QUANTREG, ROBUSTREG, SURVEYLOGISTIC, and SURVEYREG procedures.

  • The MCMC procedure now supports the RANDOM statement.

  • The METHOD=FIML option in the CALIS procedure is now production. This option specifies the full information maximum likelihood method. Instead of deleting observations with missing values, the full information maximum likelihood method uses all available information from all observations.

  • The SURVEYPHREG procedure is now production.

  • The HPMIXED procedure now provides a REPEATED statement and additional covariance structures.

  • The MI procedure offers fully conditional specification methods for multiple imputation.

More information about the changes and enhancements follows. Details can be found in the documentation for the individual procedures in the SAS/STAT 9.3 User’s Guide.