ODS Graphics Changes

Producing graphs with ODS Graphics no longer requires a SAS/GRAPH® license. In addition, the family of statistical graphics procedures (SGPANEL, SGPLOT, SGRENDER, and SGSCATTER) has moved from SAS/GRAPH to Base SAS® license.

The MAXPOINTS= option has been added to the ANOVA, CLUSTER, GLM, LOGISTIC, MIXED, QUANTREG, and VARCLUS procedures. This option specifies a limit for the number of points that can be displayed on certain plots, and these plots are not created when this limit is exceeded. Note that the REG procedure already provided this option.

The frequency plots and cumulative frequency plots of PROC FREQ and the weighted frequency plot of PROC SURVEYFREQ are no longer produced automatically when ODS Graphics is enabled. You can request these graphs with the PLOTS= option.

In SAS 9.3, the default destination in the SAS windowing environment is HTML; in addition, ODS Graphics is enabled by default in the SAS windowing environment. These new defaults have several advantages. Graphs are integrated with tables, and all output is displayed in the same HTML file using a new style. This new style, HTMLBLUE, is an all-color style, which is designed to integrate tables and modern statistical graphics. You can view and modify the default settings by selecting Tools Options Preference from the menu at the top of the main SAS window. Then click the Results Tab.