TEST Statement
<label:> TEST <, ..., <> > </ > ;

The TEST statement tests linear hypotheses about the parameters . An test is used to jointly test the null hypotheses () specified in a single TEST statement in which the MULT option is specified.

Each equation specifies a linear hypothesis (a row of the matrix and the corresponding element of the vector); multiple equations are separated by commas. The label, which must be a valid SAS name, is used to identify the resulting output. You can submit multiple TEST statements. When a label is not included in a TEST statement, a label of "Test " is used for the th TEST statement.

The form of an equation is as follows:

       term <term >   < = term < term > >

where term is a parameter of the model, or a constant, or a constant times a parameter. When no equal sign appears, the expression is set to 0. Only parameters for regressor effects (continuous variables by themselves) are allowed.

For each TEST statement, PROC MIANALYZE displays a "Test Specification" table of the matrix and the vector. The procedure also displays a "Variance Information" table of the between-imputation, within-imputation, and total variances for combining complete-data inferences, and a "Parameter Estimates" table of a combined estimate and standard error for each linear component. The linear components are labeled TestPrm1, TestPrm2, ... in the tables.

The following statements illustrate possible uses of the TEST statement:

proc mianalyze;
   modeleffects intercept a1 a2 a3;
   test1: test intercept + a2 = 0;
   test2: test intercept + a2;
   test3: test a1=a2=a3;
   test4: test a1=a2, a2=a3;

The first and second TEST statements are equivalent and correspond to the specification in Figure 57.5.

Figure 57.5 Test Specification for test1 and test2
The MIANALYZE Procedure
Test: test1

Test Specification
Parameter L Matrix C
intercept a1 a2 a3
TestPrm1 1.000000 0 1.000000 0 0

The third and fourth TEST statements are also equivalent and correspond to the specification in Figure 57.6.

Figure 57.6 Test Specification for test3 and test4
The MIANALYZE Procedure
Test: test3

Test Specification
Parameter L Matrix C
intercept a1 a2 a3
TestPrm1 0 1.000000 -1.000000 0 0
TestPrm2 0 0 1.000000 -1.000000 0

The ALPHA= and EDF options specified in the PROC MIANALYZE statement are also applied to the TEST statement. You can specify the following options in the TEST statement after a slash(/):


displays the between-imputation covariance matrix.


displays the multivariate inference for parameters.


displays the total covariance matrix.


displays the within-imputation covariance matrix.

For more information, see the section Testing Linear Hypotheses about the Parameters.