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Statistical Graphics Using ODS

The SGPLOT Procedure

PROC SGPLOT provides a simple way to make a variety of scatter plots. This example is taken from Example 50.4 of Chapter 50, The LOESS Procedure. The following statements create a SAS data set that contains information about differences in ocean pressure over time:

data ENSO;
   input Pressure @@;
   Year = _n_ / 12;
12.9  11.3  10.6  11.2  10.9   7.5   7.7  11.7

   ... more lines ...   


The following statements create a scatter plot of points along with a penalized B-spline fit to the data and produce Figure 21.36:

proc sgplot data=enso noautolegend;
   title 'Atmospheric Pressure Differences Between '
         'Easter Island and Darwin, Australia';
   pbspline y=pressure x=year;

Figure 21.36 Penalized B-Spline Fit with PROC SGPLOT
Penalized B-Spline Fit with PROC SGPLOT

See Chapter 91, The TRANSREG Procedure, for more information about penalized B-splines. Also see the section Grouped Scatter Plot with PROC SGPLOT and Figure 21.12 for an example of a scatter plot with groups of observations.

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