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ODS Graphics: ESTIMATE Statement

This section describes the use of ODS Graphics for creating statistical graphs of the distribution of estimable functions with the ESTIMATE statement. The plots can be produced only in association with the PHREG procedure, which can perform Bayesian analysis. The plots are available via these procedures directly, and also via PROC PLM when it is run using an item store that was created by these procedures.

To request these graphs you must do the following:

  • specify the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement

  • use a BAYES statement with PROC PHREG, or use PROC PLM to perform statistical analysis on an item store that was saved from a Bayesian analysis

  • request plots with the PLOTS= option in the ESTIMATE statement

For more information about the ODS GRAPHICS statement, see Chapter 21, Statistical Graphics Using ODS. The available graphs are summarized in Table 19.19.

Table 19.19 ODS Graphics Produced by the ESTIMATE statement

ODS Graph Name

Plot Description

Required Option


Displays box plots of estimable functions across a posterior sample.



Displays panels of histograms with kernel density curves overlaid. Each plot contains the results for the posterior sample of each estimable function.



Displays a histogram with a kernel density curve overlaid. The plot contains the results for the posterior sample of the estimable function.


For details about the plot-options of the ESTIMATE statement, see the PLOTS= option in the section ESTIMATE Statement.

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