The PM Procedure


The PM window provides functionality to print the Gantt View, the Table View, or both, provided that a printer has been selected and the correct information has been set in the Printer Setup window. Print Preview can be used to view the information before printing, and the printed output can be saved to a file. All the printing functions are available from the File menu (Figure 5.33).

Figure 5.33: File Menu

File Menu

Preview the Printed Output on the Screen

You can view the printed output on screen before actually printing it by selecting Print Preview from the File menu.

Print Options

Select Print Options from the File menu. There are options for selecting time and activity axis range and scaling of the printed output. See Figure 5.34.

Figure 5.34: Print Options Dialog Box

Print Options Dialog Box

Save the Printed Output to a File

The printed output can be saved to a file by selecting FilePrintPrint to File.