Specifies whether font embedding is enabled in Universal Printer and SAS/GRAPH printing.
Valid in: Configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Log and procedure output control: ODS Printing
Note: This option can be restricted by a site administrator. For more information, see Restricted Options.


Syntax Description

specifies to enable font embedding. This is the default.
specifies to disable font embedding.


Font embedding is used mainly by Universal Printing. Not all printers support font embedding. To determine whether the printer that you are using supports font embedding, use the QDEVICE procedure. If Font Embedding is listed in the SAS log, the printer supports font embedding. Here is a partial log output from the QDEVICE procedure:
369  proc qdevice report=general;
370     printer pdf;
371  run;

                 Name: PDF
          Description: Portable Document Format Version 1.4
                 Type: Universal Printer
             Registry: SASHELP
            Prototype: PDF Version 1.4
     Default Typeface: Cumberland AMT
           Font Style: Regular
          Font Weight: Normal
          Font Height: 8 points
       Maximum Colors: 16777216
         Visual Color: Direct Color
        Color Support: RGBA
          Destination: sasprt.pdf
             I/O Type: DISK
          Data Format: PDF
               ...more registry settings...
   Compression Method: FLATE
       Font Embedding: Option
When FONTEMBEDDING is set, fonts can be embedded, or included, in the output files that are created by the Universal Printer and SAS/GRAPH. Output files with embedded fonts do not rely on fonts being installed on the computer that is used to view or print the output file. File size is increased for vector output for printers such as PDF and PostScript.
When NOFONTEMBEDDING is set, the output files rely on the fonts being installed on the computer that is used to view or print the font. If a font is not found on the computer, the printer or the application that displays the output might perform font substitution. Image output is not affected when NOFONTEMBEDDING is set.
To determine which fonts will be substituted for a given printer, use the Print Setup window or the QDEVICE procedure to display the Printer Setup properties. Under Fonts, any individual fonts that are listed will be recognized by the printer. All other fonts, including those that are available via a link in the SAS Registry, will be substituted in the document when the document is created.

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