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Using SAS Files

Using One-Level Names to Access Permanent Files (User Library)

Introduction to One-Level Names

SAS data sets are referenced with a one- or two-level name. The two-level name has the form libref.member-name, where libref refers to the SAS library in which the data set resides, and member-name refers to the particular member within that library. The one-level name has the form member-name (without a libref). In this case, SAS stores the files in the temporary Work library. To override this action and have files with one-level names stored in a permanent library, you must first assign the User libref to an existing directory. To refer to temporary SAS files while User is assigned, use a two-level name with Work as the libref.

Techniques for Assigning the User Libref

You have three ways to assign the User libref:

See System Options under UNIX for information about the USER= system option.

Note:   SAS on UNIX does not support the assignment of the User libref using the USER environment variable.  [cautionend]

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