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Using SAS Files

Multiple Work Directories

SAS can make the distribution of Work libraries dynamic by distributing Work libraries across several directories. This functionality eliminates the potential problem of filling up a single volume with all of the Work directories.

The WORK system option contains the PATHNAME argument, which can be a directory, or a file that contains a list of directories, that SAS can use for allocating Work libraries. Individual Work libraries will still reside in a single directory. You can use the WORK system option in a configuration file or in the command line.

When the argument to WORK is a list of directories in a file, you can specify a method for choosing which directory to use for WORK. If you specify METHOD=RANDOM, then SAS chooses at random a directory from the list of available directories. If you choose METHOD=SPACE, then SAS chooses the directory that has the most available space.

For more information, see WORK System Option: UNIX .

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