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System Options under UNIX

PRINT System Option: UNIX

Specifies a destination for SAS output when running in batch mode.
Default: the SAS output from a batch SAS program is written to a file in the current directory with the same filename as the SAS source file, with an extension of .lst .
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Environment control: Files
UNIX specifics: all

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-PRINT file-specification | -NOPRINT

-PRINT file-specification

specifies the location for the SAS procedure output file. The file-specification can be any valid UNIX path to a directory, a filename, or an environment variable that is associated with a path. If you specify only the path to a directory, the procedure output file is created in the specified directory. The default name for this file is filename.lst, where filename is the name of your SAS job.


suppresses the creation of the SAS procedure output file.


The PRINT system option specifies a destination for SAS output when running in batch mode. The PRINT system option is valid in batch mode; it is ignored in interactive modes.

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