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Viewing Output and Help in the SAS Remote Browser

Using Remote Browsing with ODS Output

The SAS Output Delivery System (ODS) can be used to generate graphical reports of your SAS data. Remote browsing enables you to view your output directly from a SAS session as the output is generated or on demand from the Results window.

Remote browsing displays ODS output in many formats. If your browser does not have the appropriate plug-in for output that is not HTML, the browser displays a dialog box rather than the output. This dialog box enables you to download your output to your computer and view it using a local program such as Excel for an XSL file.

The automatic display of ODS output (HTML, PDF, and RTF only) is turned off by default. You can turn on the automatic display of ODS output by issuing the AUTONAVIGATE command in the Results window or by selecting View results as they are generated from the Results tab of the Preferences dialog box.

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