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Viewing Output and Help in the SAS Remote Browser

What Is Remote Browsing?

Remote browsing enables you to view SAS documentation, URLs that are specified in the WBROWSE command, and ODS output in the Web browser on your local computer. In the past, all Web documentation was displayed by executing a Netscape browser on the SAS server. By displaying this documentation locally, you have faster access to the documentation and you free up resources on the SAS server that were used by Netscape.

A small software agent called the remote browser server runs on your local computer. When SAS needs to display HTML content, it connects to the remote browser server and sends the URL that references the content. The remote browser server then passes the URL to a browser for display. If the remote browser server is not running on your computer, SAS displays a dialog box that contains the URL that you need to use to download the remote browser server.

Two system options are provided to configure remote browsing: HELPHOST and HELPPORT. These options specify the host name and port number of the computer where HTML content is to be displayed. In most cases, these options do not need to be set. HELPHOST defaults to the host name that is specified in the X11 DISPLAY environment variable, and HELPPORT defaults to the standard port for the remote browser server.

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