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Viewing Output and Help in the SAS Remote Browser

Installing the Remote Browser Server

You can install the remote browser server directly from your SAS session. If SAS is unable to make a connection for remote browsing, SAS displays a dialog box that contains the URL that you need to download the installer. Use this URL to download and install the remote browser server. Do not exit SAS. To install the remote browser server, follow these steps:

  1. Type the URL that appears in the dialog box into your browser and press ENTER, or use the Copy URL button in the dialog box to copy the URL, and then paste it into your browser.

  2. After the download page is displayed, download the installer that is appropriate for your computer.

  3. Run the installer.

    • In the Windows environment, the remote browser server is added to your start-up items, so that the server will start whenever you log in. An icon is displayed in your system tray to indicate that the remote browser server is running.

    • In the Linux environment, manually add the command rbrowser to the start-up script for your windowing environment. The remote browser server will initially run minimized.

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