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Procedures under UNIX

PMENU Procedure: UNIX

Defines menu facilities for windows that are created with SAS software.
UNIX specifics: ATTR= and COLOR= options in the TEXT statement have no effect; ACCELERATE= and MNEMONIC= options in the ITEM statement are ignored
See: PMENU Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide



PROC PMENU <CATALOG=<libref.>catalog>
<DESC 'entry-description'>;

Note:   This version is a simplified version of the PMENU procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the PMENU procedure in the Base SAS Procedures Guide.  [cautionend]


specifies the catalog in which you want to store PMENU entries. If you omit libref, the PMENU entries are stored in a catalog in the Sasuser library. If you omit CATALOG=, the entries are stored in the Sasuser.Profile catalog.

DESC 'entry-description'

provides a description of the PMENU catalog entries created in the step.


The PMENU procedure defines PMENU facilities for windows created by using the WINDOW statement in Base SAS software, the %WINDOW macro statement, the BUILD procedure of SAS/AF software, or the SAS Component Language (SCL) PMENU function with SAS/AF and SAS/FSP software.

Under UNIX, the following options are ignored:

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