Creating Graphs Using the SAS Statistical Graphics Procedures

As seen so far, you can obtain analytical graphs automatically from SAS analytical procedures. Furthermore, you can edit or customize these graphs with the ODS Graphics Editor, all without any need to learn the GTL syntax. However, frequently you might need to get a better understanding of the data in a study or survey by creating preliminary graphical views of the data. Such views might be necessary before a decision can be made about the detailed analysis process. Also, your task might require data analysis using multiple procedures and some custom data management. After such analysis process, the results contained in the output data sets might need to be displayed as custom graphs.
Many such graphs can be created using the SAS Statistical Graphics (SG) Procedures. The SG procedures are a set of graphics procedures that leverage the power of GTL behind the scenes to create commonly used graphs using a simple and concise syntax. The following SG procedures are available with SAS:
  • The SGPLOT procedure for creating single-cell graphs.
  • The SGPANEL procedure for creating multi-cell classification panels.
  • The SGSCATTER procedure for creating multi-cell comparative scatter plots.
The SG procedures also provide additional data summarization features that are not provided by GTL. For many users, these procedures are the right set of tools to use for meeting their needs, without deploying the full power of GTL.
For more information about the SG procedures, see the SAS ODS Graphics: Procedures Guide