Creating Graphs Using the SAS ODS Graphics Designer

If you prefer to create custom graphs without having to know the details of GTL, you can use the ODS Graphics Designer. The SAS ODS Graphics Designer is a graphical application that enables you to design and create custom graphs interactively using its point-and-click graphical user interface. The ODS Graphics Designer is based on GTL, which is used by the SAS analytical procedures and the SAS ODS Graphics procedures. However, you do not need to know the details of GTL to create graphs using the ODS Graphics Designer.
Using the ODS Graphics Designer, you can design sophisticated graphs using a wide array of plot types. You can design multi-cell graphs, classification panels, and scatter plot matrices. You can add titles, footnotes, legends, and other graphics elements to your graphs. You can save your graphs as image files for inclusion in other documents, or as ODS Graphics Designer (SGD) files that you can edit later using the ODS Graphics Editor.
For more information about the SAS ODS Graphics Designer, see the SAS ODS Graphics Designer: User's Guide.