Editing Graphs Using the ODS Graphics Editor

After you create an ODS graph, you might want to edit and/or customize the graphical output for presentation to your audience or for inclusion in other documents. These changes could be something as simple as editing the graph title, or adding a footnote to the graph. Although you could edit the associated template using GTL and then regenerate the graph, you can use the ODS Graphics Editor to make simple, customized changes to the ODS Graphics output. The ODS Graphics Editor is an interactive, GUI-based tool that is specifically designed for this purpose. Using this tool, you can
  • edit or add titles and footnotes to the graphs
  • change graph styles and visual attributes, such as marker shapes, line patterns, colors, and so on
  • add free-form text, arrows, lines, and other graph elements to call out various elements of the results.
Changes made to a graph with the ODS Graphics Editor do not affect the template that defined the graph. For more information about the ODS Graphics Editor, see the SAS ODS Graphics Editor: User's Guide