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The FSBROWSE Procedure

FSBROWSE Procedure Syntax

Requirement: The FSBROWSE procedure must have an input data set. By default, the procedure uses the most recently created data set as its input data set. You can use the DATA= option in the PROC FSBROWSE statement to select a particular data set. If you do not specify a data set and none has previously been created in the current SAS session, the procedure terminates with an error message.

<SCREEN=SAS-catalog <.screen-entry>> | <display-options>


FORMAT variable-list format <... variable-list-n format-n>;
LABEL variable='label' <... variable-n='label-n'>;
VAR variable <... variable-n>;
WHERE expression;

See FSEDIT Procedure Syntax for detailed descriptions of the statements and options that are available to both the FSBROWSE and FSEDIT procedures. Exceptions for the FSBROWSE procedure are noted in the FSEDIT statement and option descriptions.

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