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The FSBROWSE Procedure


The FSBROWSE procedure opens the FSBROWSE window, from which you can browse the contents of a SAS data set one observation at a time. The FSBROWSE procedure is identical to the FSEDIT procedure, except that the FSBROWSE window does not allow you to make changes to the displayed data set.

[untitled graphic]

The procedure provides the tools for building applications that display data. An FSBROWSE application provides a custom display in which you can specify how values are presented and also add descriptive text.

The FSBROWSE procedure also allows you to call the FSLETTER procedure from within an FSBROWSE session. This enables you to create form letters or reports that are personalized with information from the observations that are displayed by the FSBROWSE procedure.

Note:   You can also open the FSBROWSE window by issuing an FSBROWSE command from any SAS System command line.  [cautionend]

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