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The FSBROWSE Procedure

FSBROWSE Command Syntax

Tip: The FSBROWSE command does not allow you to specify procedure options such as KEYS=. You must use a PROC FSBROWSE statement rather than the FSBROWSE command to initiate the procedure with these options. You must also use the PROC FSBROWSE statement if you want to modify the procedure's behavior using the FORMAT, LABEL, VAR, or WHERE statements.
Tip: You must use the PROC FSBROWSE statement to produce letters or other documents from the FSBROWSE session because the FSBROWSE command does not provide a substitute for the statement's LETTER= option.

FSBROWSE <? | data-set <screen-name>>

See FSEDIT Command Syntax for detailed descriptions of the arguments you can use with both the FSBROWSE and FSEDIT commands.

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