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This page contains resources for SAS users with disabilities. If you have a disability and you need to learn how to make better decisions using data, you’ve come to the right place.

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New: Non-Visual Digital Maps

Maps are inherently visual. Does that mean people with visual impairments or blindness are out of luck if they need to understand geospatial data? Not anymore.

SAS Graphics Accelerator now supports non-visual access to digital maps using spatial audio, a standard computer keyboard, and a video game controller. This new technology enables people with visual impairments or blindness to perceive maps in a way that simply was not possible a few months ago. We're also thrilled to share that our friends at Perkins School for the Blind created a crowd-sourced library of non-visual digital maps. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Accessibility Conformance Reports

Are you a Compliance or Procurement Officer who needs a VPAT? Get accessibility conformance reports for SAS products.

Accessibility Statement

Do you need more information about our internal standards and processes for accessibility? Check out the SAS Accessibility Statement.

Accessibility Features

SAS products include accessibility features that are designed specifically for people with disabilities. For example, check out the accessibility features in the latest version of Base SAS 9.4, SAS Studio for SAS 9.4, and SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Viya. For more information, see the complete list of accessibility features by product.


You can find documentation for recent versions of SAS products in the SAS Help Center at Both the SAS Help Center and the documentation itself were designed with accessibility in mind. Check out the accessibility features of SAS Help Center before you get started.


We also design our online e-Learning with accessibility in mind. That includes videos that are Closed Captioned for users with hearing impairments and enhanced transcripts for users with visual impairments or blindness. And, guess what? Our most popular courses are free.

Start learning marketable skills today with free online training.


The SAS accessibility YouTube playlist contains short demonstrations of SAS accessibility features. Here are a few recent additions that may be of interest:


SAS accessibility webinars are designed to teach you a specific skill that you can use immediately. We recognize that making data accessible requires effort from people in different roles. Those roles may include people with disabilities, accessibility compliance officers, disability support staff in higher education, or people that need to publish quantitative information. The primary audience of a webinar may focus on a specific role, but everyone is always welcome.

Learn more about SAS accessibility webinars.


SAS products enable people with disabilities to access data like never before. However, sometimes you need to experience new technology yourself. That's why we created the SAS Accessibility Gallery. Check out the samples and let us know what you think.

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