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How to access your SAS e-Learning

Your organization has access to self-paced e-Learning from SAS.

Please follow the steps below to activate your e-Learning. You will be prompted to insert your unique activation code in Step 2. Your activation code is the prefix G followed by your Tech Support Site Number for the customer site that contains SAS e-Learning. The Tech Support Site Number can be found in your Software Order E-mail or in your SAS Order Information document. For example, Tech Support Site Number 70080535 would have an activation code of G70080535.

If your organization is renewing your e-Learning, your activation code remains the same. Users who have already accessed their e-Learning may continue to access without any changes. Those who have not accessed e-Learning before will need to follow the steps below to activate their e-Learning.

Note: If you have more than one customer site listed on your Software Order E-mail or SAS Order Information document, be sure to use the Tech Support Site Number from the site that contains SAS e-Learning.

To activate your e-Learning

  1. Go to and log in to your profile. If you do not currently have a profile, please create one using a link provided on

  2. Once you've logged in to your My Training page, locate the "To Activate a New Product" box on the right side of the screen.

  3. Enter your activation code and click Submit.

  4. Review and accept the license agreement.

  5. You should now see the training in your list of active courses and the date on which your access expires.

  6. Click on the course title to start your learning.

To access your e-Learning once it has been activated

Once your e-Learning has been activated, visit or select My Training from any page on the SAS training web site and log in to your profile to access your training.

For Help

E-mail with questions.

To share the e-Learning with authorized users at your organization, forward them the activation code along with these activation instructions. They will need to follow the same steps to activate and access the e-Learning.