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TSNEWS-L Listserv

TSNEWS-L is a means for SAS Technical Support to distribute technical information to customers on a timely basis, including

Note: TSNEWS-L is for postings from SAS Institute Technical Support only. Postings from subscribers will not be distributed to the list.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe or Query TSNEWS-L

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You can request specific files through the form entries below.
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Get Help on Using Listservs

You can receive documentation on commonly used LISTSERV commands by sending e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SAS.COM with the following text:

Retrieve Items Previously Posted

You can receive a list of items previously posted on TSNEWS-L by sending e-mail to
LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SAS.COM. The message text must be:

TSNEWS-L will respond with a message containing all documents that are available for downloading. Once you know the filename and filetype of the document you want, you can issue the following command to receive it:

GET filename filetype TSNEWS-L 

To subscribe to TSNEWS-L without using this form

You can send e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SAS.COM. The body of your message should be: