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Defining How the Data is Displayed

Use the following arguments in your DS2CSF macro call to define how the data is to be displayed. Default argument values are listed first and displayed in bold type.

Note: For SAS 9.2 or later, the DS2CSF macro is no longer supported. The documentation on this Web site is for Release 8.2 or earlier of SAS. Please migrate your applications to use the GKPI procedure with ODS and the JavaImg device driver.

specifies the SAS data set that contains the data you want to use to create the CSF graph. This argument is required. However, if you omit the data set name, then the generator attempts to use the most recently created SAS data set.

labels=Y | N
indicates whether to use the SAS variable label that is defined in the data set as your graph label. If you do not specify this argument, the generator attempts to use the variable label. If a label does not exist, then the generator uses the variable name. Specify LABELS=N to suppress the printing of the variable name and label.

specifies the password that is needed for accessing a password-protected data set. This argument is required if the data set has a READ or PW password. (You do not need to specify this argument if the data set has only WRITE or ALTER passwords.)

specifies the variable that you want to use to create the CSF. The value of this variable is read from the first observation of the SAS data set and is used as the hub value.