Rangeview HTML Generator

Defining the <APPLET> Tag

Use the following arguments in your DS2CSF macro call to specify the information that goes in the <APPLET> tag in the HTML file. All required arguments are explicitly noted.

Note: For SAS 9.2 or later, the DS2CSF macro is no longer supported. The documentation on this Web site is for Release 8.2 or earlier of SAS. Please migrate your applications to use the GKPI procedure with ODS and the JavaImg device driver.

specifies the positioning of Rangeview Applet on the Web page.

specifies the text that should be displayed by browsers that understand the <APPLET> tag but that cannot run Java applets. The default value is SAS Institute Inc. Rangeview Applet.

specifies a URL for the Rangeview Applet JAR file (rvapplet.jar). The recommended location (described in the installation instructions) is
This argument is required.

specifies a URL that identifies the directory that is used to find the .class files that are needed for Rangeview Applet.

specifies the height of Rangeview Applet in pixels. The default value is 175.

specifies the amount of horizontal space, in pixels, to the left and right of Rangeview Applet.

specifies the name for this instance of Rangeview Applet. You need to use this argument only if you have more than one instance of the <APPLET> tag in the HTML file, and you included your own scripts or DHTML that communicates with or acts on a particular instance of Rangeview Applet.

specifies the amount of vertical space, in pixels, above and below Rangeview Applet.

specifies the width of Rangeview Applet, in pixels. The default value is 225.