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Completing the Installation

Before you can use the Application Dispatcher, you must perform the following steps:

  1. If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading From Version 8 to Version 9 for more information before completing the installation.

  2. Install SAS 9.1 (including SAS/IntrNet.) The SAS/IntrNet software that is installed in this step includes the Application Server.

  3. Install the Application Broker, which is contained in the CGI Tools for Web Server. The instructions for installing the CGI Tools for Web Server package are included with SAS/IntrNet software, which is available from the SAS Client-Side Components CD Volume 2 or Volume 3.

  4. Create and start the default service for the Application Server by using the inetcfg utility.

  5. Add the default service definition to the Application Application Broker configuration file.

  6. Run the sample applications to test your installation.

Note: For z/OS, the SAS 9 or later Application Broker requires that the IBM Web maintenance patch, PQ47248, be installed if you intend to use a Web server codepage (FSCP) other than ibm-1047.

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