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Add the Default Service Definition

After you have created the default service, you must add the service definition to the Application Broker configuration file. The configuration file is usually named broker.cfg and lives in the same directory as the Application Broker executable. The following instructions describe just the changes needed for the default service. See Using the Configuration File for more information about this file.

  1. Open the configuration file, broker.cfg, in edit mode. The configuration file is in the directory where you installed the Application Broker.

  2. Search the file for Global administrator. Change the values for Administrator and AdministratorMail to appropriate values for your site.

  3. Search the file for SocketService default.
    • Change the value for Server from to the DNS name or IP address of the machine where you created the default service (where SAS software is installed).
    • Change the value for Port from 5001 to the TCP/IP port that you selected when creating the default service.

  4. Save the changes to the configuration file and continue to Testing the Installation.

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