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Starting the Spawner on UNIX

If the spawner is to service more than one client userid, the spawner must be launched with root privileges. Root access is required in order for the spawner to fork a process with the connecting client as the owner.

If spawner is to service one client, the spawner may be launched under that client's userid. If your host supports shadow passwords, you may need to specify that authentication be performed by an external authentication program. See the authprog invocation option for more details.

The SAS object server is launched in the client's home directory (as specified in the client's password entry). If the client has a directory in its home directory that is named the same as its userid, SAS will use that directory as the SAS session's SASUSER path.

Note: If you are printing or using SAS/GRAPH procedures, you must set the DISPLAY environment variable to a running X server. For example:

   export DISPLAY=<machine name>:0.0

If the spawner is being launched solely as a UUID generator, root privileges are not required.

Start the spawner program (called objspawn.exe) using a command that specifies the appropriate options. Refer to the Spawner Invocation Options for a complete list of valid options for the command. The following examples use "/sasv8/" as the directory in which SAS was installed.

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