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Configuring a UUID Generator

The UUID Generator Daemon (UUIDGEND) generates unique UUIDs for SAS sessions that execute on hosts without native UUID generation support. Currently, only SAS on Windows NT can generate unique UUIDs. If your SAS application executes on a platform other than Windows NT and your application requires unique UUIDs, install UUIDGEND and identify its location (see SAS UUIDGENDHOST and UUIDCOUNT options documentation) to your executing SAS application.

If you install UUIDGEND on a host other than Windows NT, you need to contact SAS Technical Support to obtain a UUID node. The UUID node must be unique per UUIDGEND installation in order for UUIDGEND to guarantee truly unique UUIDs.

UUIDGEND is implemented in the spawner.You can execute a separate spawner to support UUIDGEND only, or you can update an existing spawner instance to support UUIDGEND along with its sasServer definitions.

UUIDGEND is configured by the sasSpawner object class sasUUIDPort/sasUUIDService and sasUUIDNode (when it is not installed on Windows NT) attributes. All other sasSpawner definition requirements must be met.

For an example of the metadata needed to define a spawner for UUID generation, refer to the UUID Generator configuration file example.

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