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Summary of Setup Steps (IOM Bridge Server)

To set up an IOM Bridge server:
  1. Install SAS Version 8, 8.1, or 8.2 (including Integration Technologies) on the server machine. Refer to the SAS documentation for the details of this procedure.

  2. If your applications or spawners need to access metadata that describes your IOM Bridge server configuration, you must create the necessary definitions for server objects, spawner objects, and (optionally) SAS login and logical name objects. For details, see Creating Metadata for an IOM Bridge Server. The method for creating the metadata depends on whether you are using an LDAP server or a configuration file for your metadata repository:

  3. If you are using an OS/390 server, refer to Configuring and Starting the Spawner on OS/390.

    If you are not using an OS/390 server, launch the spawner. Refer to Invoking (Starting) the Spawner for examples and special security considerations. The command syntax varies based on the server platform:

    For all platforms, refer to the list of Spawner Invocation Options.

  4. Install the necessary components on each client machine.

    • For Windows Clients:

      • Install the IT software for Windows clients. For instructions, refer to Developing Windows Clients.

      • If you are not using an LDAP server, you must also copy the configuration file (created in Step 2) to the client machine.

    • For Java Clients:

This completes the basic configuration steps that are necessary to do client development on a Windows or Java platform. For information about developing applications that access IOM Bridge servers, refer to Developing Java Clients and Developing Windows Clients.

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