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Using the IT Administrator Wizard to Define a Server (COM/DCOM)

The SAS Integration Technologies Administrator provides a wizard to guide you through the process of creating LDAP-based metadata for a COM/DCOM server. (Alternatively, you can create this metadata using the regular IT Administrator interface.) For general information about IT Administrator, refer to Using the Integration Technologies (IT) Administrator.

Before beginning this procedure, be sure that you have:

To define a COM/DCOM server object using the wizard:

  1. Start IT Administrator.

  2. Select the SAS Configuration button in the Manager Bar.

  3. Click the Wizard button (Wizard). The welcome screen for the wizard appears.

  4. On each screen of the wizard, follow the instructions given; then select the Next button to move to the next screen. The Next button remains grayed out until you enter the required information. If you need to change information you have already entered, select the Back button. Select the Help button on any screen of the Wizard to receive instructions for the screen currently displayed. Select the Cancel button to exit the wizard at any time; if you select Cancel, no server object will be created.

    Each wizard screen is described below. For detailed information about a field, click on the corresponding attribute name, which is shown in parentheses. The appropriate definition on the sasServer Attributes List will be displayed. You can then use your browser's Back button to return to this page. The wizard screens are as follows:

    • Select a Logical Grouping. On this screen, select a defined logical name (sasLogicalName) from the list. If you want to create a new logical name, select the Create button; the wizard will help you create a new sasLogicalNameInfo object. For more information about logical names, refer to Assigning Logical Names.

    • Create a New Server. On this screen, enter a server name (sasServercn), (optionally) a description (description), and a domain (sasDomainName).

    • Specify a Protocol. On this screen, select the COM/DCOM protocol (sasProtocol).

    • Specify COM Host Information. On this screen, specify a fully-qualified host name (sasMachineDNSName).

    • Specify COM Encryption Settings. On this screen, select the Authentication (sasRequiredEncryptionLevel) and DCOM Security Service from the drop-down menus.

    • Done. On this screen, you can:

      • Select the Do Another button if you want to define another server object.

      • Select the Add Host button if you want to specify another host machine for this server object.

      • Select the Finish button if you want to exit the wizard and save your work.

      If you select the Cancel button, the server object will not be created.

When you complete all of the steps in the above procedure, your LDAP directory will contain fully defined sasServer and sasLogicalNameInfo objects. You can now begin using the server.

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