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Attributes for sasLogicalNameInfo

The sasLogicalNameInfo object class contains information for an instance of a SAS logical name. The sasLogicalNameInfo object class is defined using the attributes listed in the following table. For each attribute, the table shows:

For general information about the use of logical names, refer to Assigning Logical Names. When you use IT Administrator to add a logical name to a server or spawner definition, IT Administrator automatically creates a sasLogicalName object.

If you are not using an LDAP server, you can use a configuration file to define the logical name. For instructions, see Using a Configuration File to Define the Metadata. The spawner does not use this object class. However, if your site uses logical names, it is recommended that sasLogicalNameInfo instance be created.

sasLogicalName Attribute Definitions
Attribute Name Required/
Server Type Definition

In IT Administrator::
Optional COM/DCOM, IOM Bridge Text to summarize why this object definition exists. This attribute is not used by the spawner.
objectClass Required COM/DCOM, IOM Bridge The object class identifier. For sasLogicalNameInfo objects, this is always sasLogicalNameInfo.
sasLogicalName Required COM/DCOM, IOM Bridge The logical name that is being defined

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