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Consider collecting SNMP data using the other MIBs for which IT Service Vision supplies tables.

IT Service Vision has supplied tables for data from other SNMP MIBs such as the Cisco MIB (which corresponds to the tables whose names start HHC), the RMON (RFC1271) MIB (which corresponds to the tables whose names start HRM), and the Wellfleet and Wellfleet Series 7 MIBs (which correspond to the tables whose names start HWE). To see a list of pre-defined tables for HPOV/NVAIX, follow this path from the main window:

Explore Tables/Variables CPE -> Collector: Selected -> HP-OV -> OK

With one exception, you collect, process, reduce, and report on data from these MIBs in the same way that you handle data from MIB-II. The exception is that MIB-II was loaded into HPOV/NVAIX when HPOV/NVAIX was installed. You will need to load the other MIB or MIBs into HPOV/NVAIX. For load instructions, see HP OpenView Network Node Manager Administrator's Reference or NetView for AIX Administrator's Guide.

Note: For the naming conventions for tables see Open Systems and Windows NT Appendix 1: Tables and Variables Naming Convention.