Open Systems and Windows NT Appendix 1: Tables and Variables Naming Convention

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SUPPLIED TABLE NAMING CONVENTION                                              

  IT Service Vision supplied tables are named according to the following scheme:
  || |                                                                        
  || |                                                                        
  || +-----Name: Abbreviation for the group of metrics in                     
  ||       this table                                                         
  ||         For example,                                                     
  ||         ICM - nb-mibII.icmp                                              
  ||         NIX - nb-mibII.non-indexed metrics                               
  ++-------Collector (three-character abbreviation) or                        
  ||       Collector (one-character abbreviation) plus Creator                
  ||                  two-character abbreviation):                            
  ||       Three-character abbreviations are                                  
  ||       ACC - Unix Accounting (ACCTON)                                     
  ||       PCS - Performance Collection Software and MeasureWare by HP        
  ||       SNM - SunNet Mgr RPC-Agents by Sun/Connect                         
  ||       TKR - TRAKKER by Concord Communication                             
  ||       TMN - Landmark TMON for UNIX                                       
  ||       PRX - Probe/X by Landmark Systems                                  
  ||       Rxx - Rolm PBX                                                     
  ||       SAP - SAP R/3                                                      
  ||       NTx - Windows NT Server                                            
  ||       WEB - Web Log Server                                               
  |+-------Creator: (two-character abbreviation)                              
  |        For example,                                                       
  |        N2 - NB MIB-II                                                     
  |        WF - Wellfleet MIB                                                 
  +--------Collector (one-character abbreviation)                             
           C - Spectrum by Cabletron Inc.                                     
           H - HP OpenView Node Mgr or IBM NetView for AIX                    
           S - SunNet Manager by Sun/Connect                                  
           M - Mib-based Data                                                 
HOW TO FIND A SUPPLIED TABLE                                                  
 Note: If you search by MIB name, you may need to try several                 
        versions of the MIB name. A common name of the MIB (like              
        ``MIB-II'' or ``RMON MIB'') may not be in the description.            
        SAS/CPE names MIB tables after the name used in the MIB               
        itself. For example, the opening line of the MIB defined by           
        RFC1271 (also known as the RMON MIB) is                               
                  RFC1271-MIB DEFINITIONS                                     
        Thus SAS/CPE identifies tables in this MIB with the string            
        RFC1271-MIB. The name of each individual table/group (like            
        ``ICMP'' or ``alarmTable'') is also in the description field.         
        For example, the description field for table HN2ICM begins            
        nb-mibII.icmp and for table HRMATM begins                             
USER-DEFINED TABLE NAMING CONVENTION                                          
  Begin the names of user-defined tables with the character U.  Names         
  must be exactly six alphanumeric characters.