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First, please read the important instructions on how to use this document.

This documentation contains setup instructions and information for the IT Service Vision server.

Some of the instructions and information apply across all platforms, all collector facilities, and all data sources and collectors. Some of the instructions and information apply only to a specific platform, facility, data source, or collector. The instructions and information that differ are identified with icons.

The following icons (and labels) identify differences by platform:

Note: These labels and icons will represent your platform for the rest of the document. The labels are for information displayed in the windows. The icons are for information that will be displayed when you click on the icon.

Label Icon Platform
UNIX Open Systems
WNT Windows NT

The following icons identify differences by facility:

IT Service Vision provides two facilities (techniques) for processing performance data from logs into tables into your PDB: supplied collectors and generic collectors. In order to take the correct path through this document, you need to know which technique applies to your collector and which icon represents your collector. Follow these links for the technique that applies to your collector and for the icon that represents your collector:

Support by means of Supplied Table Definitions and Supplied Staging Code

Support by means of the Generic Collector Facility