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DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5: User Guide

QKB Merge Tool

The QKB Merge Tool is used to merge one Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) with a new QKB. For example, if you customized your QKB Contact Information (CI) 2007B, you might want to merge that QKB with the new QKB CI 2008A.

Important Important: Use caution when using the QKB Merge Tool. Once you begin the merge process, you cannot go back. For this reason, it is recommended that you back up your old QKB before using the QKB Merge Tool.

You can access the QKB Merge Tool by selecting Tools > QKB Difference Viewer from the main menu or by selecting Tools > QKB Merge Tool from the menu in the Customize dialog. You can also use a command-line interface to merge two QKB files. For more information, see QKB Merge Command Line Interface.

Source QKB

Select the source QKB for the merge process. During the merge process, the source QKB will merge with the destination QKB. The source will not change during this action.

Destination QKB

This is the destination for the source QKB. This means the contents of the source QKB will be combined with the contents from the selected destination QKB. The destination QKB is overwritten with the result.

Note Note: Once you click Merge, this QKB will be modified.

Log File

You can specify a log filename here. This is an optional field. If you do not specify a log file, no log is created.


Click Merge to run the merge process. The source QKB will combine with the destination QKB.

NoteNote: Once you begin the merge process, you cannot go back.

If Merge is disabled, you either need to select the source or destination or you have selected the same QKB in both lists.


When you are finished with the QKB Merge Tool, click Exit to close the tool.

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