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QKB Merge Tool - FAQ

What is merged when you install a new QKB in the same directory as an existing QKB?

When you attempt to install a new QKB file over an existing QKB file, the installer invokes the QKB Merge Tool. During this process, everything that you have saved to your QKB is merged in some way. For example, assume you already have QKB 2007B installed, you made some changes, and now you are preparing to install 2008A over 2007B.

At the time of the merge there are three files that are affected for each item in the QKB (for example, schemes, regexlibs, grammars, and others):

Note Note: This is the 2007B file, as shipped with the 2007B installer.

NoteNote: This .new file is renamed with the .anc extension after the QKB merge is complete, overwriting the previous .anc file.

This allows the 2008A installer to compare what was shipped in 2007B and what has changed.

Several possible conditions are checked for each file in the QKB:

Condition Description Results
0 No change. This means both you did not make changes to either QKB file (the installer 2007B, your 2007B QKB, and the new 2008A files are identical) Your 2007B QKB file is replaced by the new 2008A QKB file
1 The software made changes in the 2008A file but you did not make changes to your 2007B QKB file (the files are not identical) Your 2007B QKB file is replaced by the new 2008A QKB file
2 You made changes to the 2007B installer file. However, DataFlux did not change the 2008A file. The 2007B installer file and the new 2008A file are identical, but your 2007B QKB does not match.

For vocabularies and schemes, a true merge is performed. For phonetics, regex, chop table, and grammar files, 2008A is used. However, your file (containing changes) is backed up to a different filename and all existing definitions that point to it point to the backup filename. In the case of changes to definitions, conflicts between your changes and the DataFlux changes cause your definitions to be backed up to a different name. Any other definitions that use it are pointed to the backup file. If there is no conflict, your definition is retained.
Your changes from the 2007B file are retained and a backup file is created
3 Both you and DataFlux made changes to the files between 2007B and 2008A (all of the QKB files changed) A merge is needed

NoteNote: "Change" can mean additions, deletions, and so on.

The goal of the merge process is to give you a QKB with the enhancements from the new release and all of the functionality that you added to the QKB.

What happens when you want to merge two QKBs?

The same idea as above, except you are going to open the QKB Merge Tool. Manually merging two QKBs requires you to open the QKB Merge Tool. Refer to the QKB Merge Tool documentation for additional information.

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