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DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5: User Guide

QKB Difference Viewer

The QKB Difference Viewer is a tool used to view the differences between Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) files when:

You can access QKB Difference Viewer by selecting Tools > QKB Difference Viewer from the main menu or by selecting Tools > QKB Difference Viewer from the menu in the Customize dialog. You can also use a command-line interface to view the differences between QKB files. For more information, see QKB Difference Command Line Interface.

About the QKB Difference Viewer Screen

The following sections explain the QKB Difference Viewer screen including the main menu, toolbar, left navigation, and right navigation.

Main Menu

This section describes the QKB Difference Viewer main menu.


Open - Click File > Open to open a saved difference file. The difference file is saved with the .qkd extension.

Build Difference File - To build a difference file, click File > Build Difference File. The Build Differences dialog opens.

For information about the Build Differences dialog, see QKB Differences Viewer - Build Differences Dialog.

Recent - Displays recently created difference files. Click the filename to open.

Exit - Click to close the QKB Difference Viewer.


Status Bar - By default the Status Bar appears as a part of the QKB Difference Viewer screen. Click Status Bar to toggle the status bar.

Back - Click Back to go to the previous screen viewed.

Forward - Click Forward to return to the next screen.


You can use filters to hide items that you do not want to see. To set a filter, select the item that you want to filter under Properties. Then, click Filters > Filter Name or Filters > Filter Name/Value Pair.

NoteNote: You can also use the toolbar options, Filter on name or Filter on name and value.

Filter Name - This option is used to filter all items with the chosen name. This filters on name only.

Filter Name/Value Pair - Filters all items that have the selected name and value. This filters on name and value.

Clear Filters - Select Clear Filters to clear all filters.

Filter List - Click Filters > Filter list to view the filters. The filters appear in the Filters Dialog.

NoteNote: You can remove filters only when the User Set column shows Yes. If Remove Filter is not available, the Remove Filter button is disabled.

To remove a filter, you can click on the item on the Filter dialog and click Remove Filter or if you want clear all filters, click Clear All. You can also clear all filters from the QKB Difference Viewer screen, click Clear filters.

To view filters, click Show filters and the Filters dialog opens.


Help Topics - To access the QKB Difference Viewer online Help, click Help > Help Topics.

About - Click Help > About qkbmt_viewer to view version information about the QKB Difference Viewer.


The following toolbar buttons are available to quickly access certain functions of the QKB Difference Viewer.

Left Navigation

The left navigation window shows an expandable/collapsible list of the differences between two component QKBs. Click + to expand the view of the list, click - to collapse.

When you select items in the left navigation, the details in the right navigation change.

Right Navigation

The right navigation window shows the changes between the current file and the new file. The sections within the right pane include Properties, Data Records, and Dependent Definitions.


The following icons might appear in the Properties or Data Records section of the right navigation pane.

Icon Name Description
Information Information The Information icon indicates file details.
Added Added This icon indicates items added to the new file.
Removed Removed Indicates an item has been removed.
Current Values Current Values This line item is the current value, before any changes.
New Values New Values This line item is the new values in the new file.
File Added File Added This icon indicates the file has been added.
File Changed File Change Indicates a file has changed.
Reference Changed Reference Changed This icon indicates there is a change in the reference.

You can also put your cursor over the icon to see the name of each icon.


The Properties section shows differences in the properties. The icon on the left indicates the type of change.

Show Filtered - Click Show Filtered to view the filtered items in this section. If the Show Filtered button is disabled, there are no filters.

Data Records

The Data Records section displays the differences in the records. The icons on the left indicate the type of change.

Find Record - Click Find Record to locate a record within the Data Records list. The Find dialog opens.

Dependent Definitions

This section displays items dependent on the item currently being viewed. The dependent items are generally definitions but can also be files. Click the link under Definition Name to go directly to the folder and file associated with the Locale and Match Definition.

The right navigation view changes to show details for the item selected in the left navigation view.

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