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DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5: User Guide

Customize - Options

The Customize Options dialog is available to specify startup and display settings for Customize. To access the Options dialog, click Tools > Options.

Startup Tab

When you open the Options dialog, the Startup tab appears.

Select the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) startup mode you want to use when Customize opens. Select one of these options:

None - If you select this option, no QKB will be selected when you start Customize.

Last opened QKB - If this option is selected, then the last QKB used with Customize will be available when you start Customize. This option is selected by default.

DataFlux Data Management Studio active QKB - If this option is selected, the QKB you have listed as your default will be the QKB available when you start Customize.

For more information about the QKB, from the Customize main menu, click Help > QKB Help.


Click the Display tab for additional option settings.

Show full descriptions in Category and Gender selection drop-down lists

Select this option to see complete descriptions in the Category and Gender drop-down lists. For example, if this check box is selected, you will see Male instead of M. The ToolTips always show the description.

Library file selection drop-down lists

These options relate to the library file selection. These options determine which files can be selected for a definition (for example, RegEx Library, Grammar, and so on).

Show files for the definition's locale only - Only files that belong to the same locale as a definition are visible.

Show files for the definition's locale and parents - Files that belong to the locale of the definition and the locale's ancestors are visible. This option is selected by default.

Show files for all locales (not recommended) - Files from any locale, language, and encoding are visible. This option is not recommended because arbitrary files (for example, from a different language) are not likely to be useful.

Matchcode output

Display numeric entry boxes - Select the Display numeric entry boxes so you can enter the desired left and right character positions of the matchcode directly, instead of using the slider.

Range display length - This setting controls the value displayed at the extreme right of the slider bar. This is set to 255 by default.

Pattern output

Maximum solutions displayed - This is the maximum number of solutions that will appear if there are multiple solutions for a pattern. By default this option is set to 1.

Solutions tree height (pixels) - This is the height setting for the solutions tree. The default is set to 200 pixels.

Solutions tree width (pixels) - This is the width setting for the solutions tree. The default is set to 200 pixels.

Restore all warning popups - When some warning messages appear, they include a check box to allow the warnings to be disabled. If you have disabled warning notices, you can click Restore all warning popups to begin seeing these messages again.

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