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DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5: User Guide

Overview of Customize Features

Use Customize to tailor your Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) to fit your data.

A QKB is a collection of files with phonetics and heuristic algorithms that are used for matching and cleansing. These files include:

The .loc files are specific to individual languages and locales. These files include data types and definitions. Definitions use the Regex Libraries, Vocabularies, Schemes, Grammars, and Phonetics Libraries.

For more information about QKBs, click Help > QKB Help. See also Using Quality Knowledge Bases.

Access the Customize Window

You can access the Customize window using one of the following methods:

When the Customize window opens, it may load a QKB and certain Locales. This option is controlled under the Options dialog, click Tools > Options > Startup.

Loading a locale (or multiple locales) can take some time. The status bar displays the load status. When the locale is loaded, the Data Types and Definitions pane appears in the Customize window.

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