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SAS 9.1.3 and Earlier Documentation

The links on this page provide access to earlier releases of SAS documentation. To determine which release of the documentation is appropriate for the software you have installed at your site, refer to the TS number in the "About" menu of your SAS software.

SAS 9.1 Documentation

SAS 9.1.3 (9.1 TS1M3)

Documentation for SAS 9.1.3 in PDF
SAS OnlineDoc 9.1.3 for the Web (No longer available. See PDF documentation.)

SAS 9.1.2 (9.1 TS1M2)

Documentation for SAS 9.1.2 in PDF
SAS OnlineDoc 9.1.2 for the Web (No longer available. See PDF documentation.)

SAS 9.1 (9.1 TS1M0)

Documentation for SAS 9.1 in PDF
SAS OnlineDoc 9.1 for the Web (No longer available. See PDF documentation.)

SAS 8.2 Documentation

SAS OnlineDoc 8 is an HTML-based library with features such as full-text search, a master index, and an expanding and contracting Table of Contents.[HTML]

What's New in SAS Software for Release 8.2 provides details about enhancements in SAS 8.2 and links to earlier Version 8 documentation. [HTML]

Technical Reports
  • SAS Technical Report A-106 Probability Plotting [PDF] (1.97MB)
  • SAS Technical Report A-108 Cubic Clustering Criterion [PDF] (3.31MBKB)
  • SAS Technical Report P-258 Using the REPORT Procedure in a Nonwindowing Environment [PDF] (3.11MB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-101 Tests of Hypotheses in Fixed-Effects Linear Models [PDF] (1.95MB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-102 Computing Expected Means Squares [PDF] (347KB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-103 Least-Squares Means in the Fixed-Effects General Linear Models [PDF] (1.49MB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-104 A Simplified Algorithm for the W-Transformation in Variance Component Estimation [PDF] (734KB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-105 Computing MIVQUEO Estimates of Variance Components [PDF] (652KB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-106 The Sweep Operator: Its Importance in Statistical Computing [PDF] (1.88MB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-108 Algorithms for the PRINQUAL and TRANSREG Procedures [PDF] (1.97MB)
  • SAS Technical Report R-l09 Conjoint Analysis Examples [PDF] (1.31MB)