System Requirements
SASĀ® High-Performance Statistics 14.1

SAS High-Performance Statistics Requirements

SAS/STAT High-Performance Server

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SAS/STAT High-Performance Server requires both Base SAS and SAS/STAT, which are not included.

One of the following platform-dependent components of Base SAS is required but not included:

  • SAS Studio – Single User (Windows only)
  • SAS Studio (Linux for x64 only)

SAS/STAT High-Performance Server includes one of the following SAS/ACCESS products:

  • SAS/ACCESS to Greenplum
  • SAS/ACCESS to Oracle
  • SAS/ACCESS to Teradata
  • SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop and SAS LASR Analytic Server

The High-Performance Computing Management Console subcomponent is only deployed on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux computing grid.

SAS LASR Analytic Server is required to enable SAS High-Performance Analytics (Distributed LASR) with Hadoop.

SAS LASR Analytic Server (Distributed or Non-distributed LASR) cannot be installed on HP-UX for IPF or 32-bit Windows.

For Greenplum, Oracle, and Teradata: Base SAS, SAS/STAT, ACCESS, and SAS High-Performance Statistics must be installed on separate hardware from the appliance nodes.

For Hadoop: Base SAS, SAS/STAT, ACCESS, and SAS High-Performance Statistics can either be installed on the head node of the commodity hardware, or on separate hardware from the commodity hardware nodes (asymmetric).

SAS High-Performance Analytics Server (Distributed LASR) on Linux for x64

SAS Products installed to this machine:
  • SAS High-Performance Computing Management Console 2.7
  • SAS High-Performance Deployment for Hadoop 3.0
  • SAS High-Performance Node Installation 3.1
Disk Space Consumed by Installed Products: 1 MB
Supported Environments:
  • Oracle Linux 6.1 (64-bit version) on the x64 chip family
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 (64-bit version) on the x64 chip family
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise System 11 SP1 (64-bit version) on the x64 chip family

SAS High-Performance Analytics Server requires Greenplum or Oracle or Teradata (appliance obtained from vendor) or Hadoop (commodity hardware). A corresponding SAS/ACCESS engine is required (and included with the SAS/STAT High-Performance Server).

Apache Hadoop software is distributed with SAS software as a convenience. For support information, see

Third-Party Software

SAS software may be provided with certain third-party software, including but not limited to open-source software, which is licensed under its applicable third-party software license agreement. For license information about third-party software distributed with SAS software, refer to

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