What's New in Installation and Configuration for the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform


The SAS Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide explains how to install and initially configure the SAS Intelligence Platform.

SAS Download Manager No Longer Installed

For SAS 9.3, you no longer install the SAS Download Manager. You simply download and run it.

Capability to Subset SAS Software Orders

Both the SAS Download Manager and the SAS Deployment Wizard enable you to subset—or break up—your software order. This enables you to create significantly smaller SAS Software Depots targeted for different sets of users based on operating system, product type, and language.

SAS Middle Tier Supported on 64-Bit Systems Only

The SAS 9.3 middle tier is supported only on 64-bit operating systems.

z/OS Deployment Enhancements

SAS 9.3 has enhanced the deployment experience for the z/OS platform through deployment wizard enhancements and a software depot mover tool.

Capability to Build a Middle-Tier Configuration for Deployment on Another Machine

The SAS Deployment Wizard enables the SAS administrator to perform the SAS Web tier deployment on a machine that does not contain a Web application server. After the deployment is complete, the SAS administrator compresses the Web tier configuration and hands it off to his Web administrator counterpart to deploy on the target Web application server machine.

Enhanced Support for Locale and Encoding

The SAS Deployment Wizard has enhanced support for configuring locales and encodings.

New SAS Uninstaller for Windows

SAS 9.3 has a new uninstaller on Windows that enables you to uninstall multiple SAS 9.3 applications in a single operation.