What's New in Data Administration for the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform


This document focuses on the SAS Intelligence Platform and establishing connectivity to your data sources (and data targets). Information about third-party products that you need to install and the metadata objects that you need to create are also described. It also contains information about setting up shared access to SAS data and explains how using different data-access engines affects security.
  • New Library Pre-Assignment Options
  • New Wizard for Standardizing Column Metadata
  • SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft

New Library Pre-Assignment Options

Libraries can be pre-assigned so that the engine that is used for data access is controlled by the SAS administrator. For SAS 9.3, three options are used to identify how the library is pre-assigned. The options are to use the native engine that is identified in metadata, to use the metadata engine, or to indicate that an external configuration file has the LIBNAME statement for the library. These pre-assignment options help administrators control how the SAS clients access the data.

New Wizard for Standardizing Column Metadata

In some cases, table columns that have the same name and that are used for the same purpose should also have the same attribute values. For example, two columns named Total Sales should perhaps have the same data type and column length. The Column Standardization wizard finds columns that have similar names and compares their attributes. It shows any inconsistency in the column attribute values. You can use this wizard to generate a report about column differences or to log updates for audit purposes. You can also use the wizard to update the metadata for a table.

SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft

In the SAS 9.3 release, the SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft is no longer available. The SAS Data Surveyor for PeopleSoft continues to be supported on SAS 9.2 systems.