Policy Statement for SAS Maintenance Releases

SAS has the following policy for maintenance releases:
  • When you install a new SAS product, you receive the maintenance release that was available when you placed your order.
  • SAS creates custom maintenance packages based on the software that is licensed at your site. You do not select the products to update.
  • Because of the dependencies between SAS products, you cannot perform the following tasks:
    • You cannot partially install a maintenance release. The SAS deployment tools determine which SAS products to update. You must upgrade all of the SAS software in a specific deployment whether that deployment is on one machine or multiple machines.
    • You cannot uninstall a maintenance release.
  • Maintenance releases are cumulative. For example, the third maintenance release contains all of the new features and enhancements from the first, second, and third maintenance releases.
  • Maintenance releases update the SAS software that is currently deployed at your site.
  • Before installing a maintenance release, it is recommended that you back up your current SAS deployment. For more information, see Creating and Removing Backup Files.
Note: SAS maintenance releases do not include any updates to DataFlux products or to JMP. To access software updates for these products, see the following Web sites: