Creating and Removing Backup Files

Note: Before you apply a maintenance release, you must stop all your SAS servers. It is recommended that you back up all the files in your SAS installation and configuration directories. Create backups of the installation and configuration directories for SAS for each machine in your deployment, and use these backups if you need to restore your previous SAS deployment. For more information, see “Best Practices for Backing Up and Restoring Your System” in the SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide.
When you apply a maintenance release, SAS automatically backs up any file in the SAS installation directory that will be modified during this update. These backups are saved in the maintenance directory for each product. The general format of this directory path is SAS-installation-directory/product/release/maintenance. Here are two examples of these backup directories:
  • For Base SAS 9.2: SAS-installation-directory/SASFoundation/9.2/maintenance
  • For SAS Web Report Studio 4.2: SAS-installation-directory/SASWebReportStudio/4.2/maintenance
If disk space is limited, then after the maintenance release has been installed, you can use the SAS Update File Cleanup Utility to remove the backups that SAS created. This utility must be run under the user ID that was used to install SAS. For more information about how to use this utility, see the following resources: