STP Procedure

LOG Statement

Controls the location of the stored process log


Required Argument

FILE=local-fileref | local-file-path
specifies the filename and location for the stored process log. Specify either an explicit local path, ending with the filename for the log, or specify a local fileref.


The LOG statement enables the user to direct the PROC STP and stored process log to an external file. Without the LOG statement, the PROC STP logging messages go to the standard SAS output location.


Example 1

PROC STP PROGRAM='/Users2/johndoe/runit';
   log file = 'c:\johndoe\logs\procstp.txt';

Example 2

filename mylogf 'C:\johndoe\logs\filereflog.txt';
PROC STP PROGRAM='/Users/johndoe/runit';
   log file = mylogf;