STP Procedure

Overview: STP Procedure

The STP procedure enables stored process execution from a SAS program. PROC STP can be executed in an interactive, batch, or server SAS session and can also be executed by another stored process.
The stored process executes locally, but it runs within an independent execution environment with its own WORK library and macro symbol table. Data, files, and macro values can be passed between the SAS environment and the stored process environment by using optional PROC STP statements.
Note: PROC STP must have access to the stored process metadata in order to locate the stored process source code. PROC STP also checks input parameters against the input parameters that are defined in the metadata. In order to specify the metadata server and connection profile to use with PROC STP, use the following system options: METASERVER, METAPORT, METAUSER, and METAPASS. Define these options before running PROC STP.