The ICPHREG Procedure

Syntax: ICPHREG Procedure

The following statements are available in the ICPHREG procedure:

  • PROC ICPHREG <options>;

  • BASELINE <OUT=SAS-data-set> <COVARIATES=SAS-data-set><TIMELIST=list>
    <keyword=name …keyword=name> </ options>

  • BY variables;

  • CLASS variable <(options)> …<variable <(options)>> </ global-options>;

  • FREQ variable </ option>;

  • HAZARDRATIO <'label'> variable </ options>;

  • MODEL (t1, t2)= effects </ options>;

  • TEST <model-effects> </ options>;

The MODEL statement is required, and only one MODEL statement is allowed. If multiple MODEL statements are present, only the last one is used. You can specify main effects and interaction terms in the MODEL statement, as in the GLM procedure. The CLASS statement, if present, must precede the MODEL statement. The BASELINE and HAZARDRATIO statements, if present, must come after the MODEL statement.

The following sections describe the PROC ICPHREG statement and then describe the other statements in alphabetical order.